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Foreign Influence Explorer

After months of research, technical development and manual data entry, we are proud to unveil Foreign Influence Explorer—a new database housed within Influence Explorer that lets users explore how foreign entities influence policy and public opinion in the U.S.

The data comes from the Department of Justice and is collected according to the Foreign Agents Registration Act, which places stringent reporting requirements on foreign governments, political parties, businesses and other organizations that aim to influence policy here in the States.

The new database also includes a feed of proposed arms sales documents from the Defense Security Cooperation Agency. This data is included because so much foreign lobbying revolves around arms sales, which creates a nexus of influence between countries that want to buy U.S. arms and U.S. manufacturers that want to sell them.

Real-Time Influence Explorer

In addition to the new foreign lobbying data, Influence Explorer still features federal campaign finance data from the Federal Election Commission in real-time. As we get closer to the 2014 mid-term elections, find who's spending the most to win a seat in Congress.

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    Questions remain for Mayday PAC

    I won’t be asking you to DONATE NOW again and again. That bit is done. Instead, for the rest of this cycle, what you’ll hear from us is about how your campaign is working.

    We’ve got lots of ideas about how to make this work. We’ll be testing them and improving them and building lots that’s new. But you’ve raised the money. It’s time to get down to work. So stay tuned.

    With those words, Mayday PAC founder and campaign finance crusader Lawrence Lessig (who is also on the Sunlight Foundation's Advisory Board) announced the group had met its July 4 deadline to raise $5 million, triggering an additional $5 million in contributions from wealthy donors who pledged matching funds if the PAC could raise the money by Independence Day.

    That means the group detonated what appears to be an unprecedented money bomb. Consider: As of June 30, the day books closed on the second quarter and Mayday had collected $3.3 million, according to the campaign finance disclosure it filed 15 days later with the Federal Election Commission.

    On July 4, in a message on the group's website, Lessig announced ...

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