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Influence Explorer now offers a new way to review and receive federal campaign finance data for candidates, PACs and outside spending groups. The Realtime FEC section takes official Federal Election Commission (FEC) data for the current election cycle and presents it in a more user-friendly format.

The new section automatically gathers FEC data and presents spending by and for politicians, parties, PACs and super PACs. It also allows you to receive customized email alerts when a particular committee submits a new electronic filing to the FEC.

This is Sunlight's first step in providing more immediate data offerings on Influence Explorer. Other realtime tracking tools that were developed for the Sunlight Foundation Reporting Group will be rolled into this site in the coming months.

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    FL-19: Super PAC refunds founders $1 million, Tea Party enters race at 11th hour

    It's the home stretch for Republican candidates in Florida's 19th Congressional District and the campaign finances are just as confusing as the political horse race.

    In the last 48 hours we've learned:

    • Curt Clawson is his own biggest benefactor, giving $2.65 million to his own campaign--almost all of his total.
    • A Tea Party group started by an experience GOP strategist from Calif. is backing Clawson as Clawson defends himself over an apparent business relationship with a convicted pedophile.
    • The two biggest financiers behind a super PAC supporting one of Clawson's rivals appear to be pulling out.

    The candidates' campaign filings have been sent in to the FEC. The highlights? Curt Clawson has the biggest war chest courtesy of himself — personally accounting for nearly all of his campaign's $2.87 million in receipts. As for his Republican competitors, Lizbeth Benacquisto's campaign hauled in just under $1 million during the same stretch and Paige Kreegel raised a quarter of a million dollars. Outside political groups, however, have added serious spending into the race.

    When news first broke that Rep. Trey Radel, R-Fla., had been caught with cocaine in Washington, a wealthy pair of donors who ...

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