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Fixed Fortunes

We now have a new section called “Fixed Fortunes,” which is Sunlight's analysis and dataset of the money the biggest corporate political donors put into campaigns and lobbying and what they get in return.

Fixed Fortunes shows that between 2007 and 2012, 200 of the most politically active for-profit companies in the United States disclosed spending a total of $5.8 billion influencing Washington through campaign contributions and lobbying, and have benefitted from $4.4 trillion in contracts, grants, loans and subsidies. The number exceeds the $4.3 trillion that 50 million Americans received over the same time period from Social Security. Dig into the data and read our analysis.

Foreign Influence Explorer

After months of research, technical development and manual data entry, we are proud to unveil Foreign Influence Explorer—a new database housed within Influence Explorer that lets users explore how foreign entities influence policy and public opinion in the U.S.

Real-Time Influence Explorer

In addition to the new foreign lobbying data, Influence Explorer still features federal campaign finance data from the Federal Election Commission in real-time. As we get closer to the 2014 mid-term elections, find who's spending the most to win a seat in Congress.

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    OpenFEC API makes new itemized data available

    This post is also available as an IPython notebook

    Not long after we released our initial how-to introducing the new OpenFEC API, the 18F team announced that they were making even more available. This made our day because they quickly ticked off two items from the wish list we published: endpoints for itemized data and per-contributor and per-recipient aggregates. This followup post introduces some of the new additions and why they're so important.

    What's (newly) available

    The official documentation for the API is the best source for getting to know what it has to offer, but here are some of the new things you can look forward to interacting with:

    1. Filings - All of the official records and reports that committees file with the FEC. This includes all of the (many) forms listed on the FEC's forms page.
    2. Itemized Receipts - Schedule A itemizes a committee's receipts from individuals and other organizations. You can now explore the entire list of contributions that make up the receipt totals listed in financial reports.
    3. Itemized Disbursements - Schedule B itemizes a committee's disbursements such as campaign expenditures, staff payments, or donations to other committees. This gives the line items that make ...
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