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Child Organization: Texas A&M Research Foundation

Texas A&M; University, often referred to as A&M; or TAMU, is a coeducational public research university located in College Station, Texas. It is the flagship institution of the Texas A&M; University System. The seventh-largest university in the United States, A&M; enrolls over 49,000 students in ten academic colleges. Texas A&M;'s designation as a land, sea, and space grant institution reflects a broad range of research with ongoing projects funded by agencies such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, and the Office of Naval Research. The school ranks in the top 20 American research institutes in terms of funding and has made notable contributions to such fields as animal cloning and petroleum engineering.

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Campaign Finance

$217,050 Given

Figures are based on itemized contributions reported to the Federal Election Commission and state agencies. Please note that:

  • contributions under $200 are not reported, and so are not included in totals.
  • only contributions from individuals and organizations to candidates are included. Various accounting measures and more exotic contribution types are excluded.
  • contributions are matched based on organization and recipient name reported within each election cycle. Contributions using an incorrect or non-standard version of the name may be missed.
  • corporate name changes and mergers may cause figures to differ from those of the Center for Responsive Politics.
  • organization totals include known subsidiaries of the organization.

For more information, please see our campaign finance methodology page. Lobbyist bundling data is described on our lobbyist bundling methodology page.

  • Top Recipients

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    Organization's PAC(s)
    Employee Color Block
    Associated Individuals
    Includes contributions from the organization’s employees, their family members, and its political action committee.
  • Republicans vs. Democrats

    in dollars. "Other" includes 3rd parties and organizations without official party affiliation.
  • State vs. Federal

    in dollars
  • Top PAC Recipients

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    Organization's PAC(s)
    Employee Color Block
    Associated Individuals
    Includes contributions from the organization’s employees, their family members, and its political action committee.
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$2,815,000 Spent

Figures are based on lobbying activity reported to the Senate Office of Public Records. Reported dollar amounts are required to be accurate only to the nearest $20,000. For organizations whose primary business is lobbying, we display total income and top clients. For organizations that are not primarily lobbying firms, we display total amount spent on lobbying and top lobbying firms hired.

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Lobbying on Behalf of Texas A&M University

  • Names of Lobbyists
  • Firm Hired Amount
    Texas A&M University $2,315,000
  • Most Frequently Disclosed Lobbying Issues
    • Education,
    • Agriculture,
    • Science & Technology,
    • Medical Research & Clin Labs,
    • Fed Budget & Appropriations,
    • Homeland Security,
    • Marine, Boats & Fisheries,
    • Transportation,
    • Food Industry,
    • Veterans Affairs
  • Most Frequently Disclosed Bills
    Bill No. Title
    H.R.1 Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011
    H.R.1249 America Invents Act
    H.R.2117 Protecting Academic Freedom in Higher Education Act
    H.R.6083 Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act of 2012
    S.3607 Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act, 2011
    H.R.3082 Surface Transportation Extension Act of 2010, Part II
    H.R.3082 Biennial Budgeting and Appropriations Act of 2011
    H.R.3116 Department of Homeland Security Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012
    S.510 Research of Alcohol Detection Systems for Stopping Alcohol-related Fatalities Everywhere Act of 2011
    H.R.4248 To authorize the burial at Arlington National Cemetery of members of the Army who served honorably in the Tomb Guard Platoon of the 3d United States Infantry Regiment, which provides the sentinels at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery
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Mentioned in 67 dockets; Submitted to 6 dockets

All data is based on documents downloaded from Regulations.gov. The first table shows mentions: all documents that include the name of the company anywhere in the document or document metadata. The second table shows submissions: all documents where the submitter metadata included the company name. Each table shows the top 10 dockets, ranked by number of occurrences.

Matches are based on a search for the company name. Variations in the company name, such as acronyms, nicknames or alternate names may cause documents to be missed. The mention of a company name in a document may be incidental and does not necessarily indicate that the company has any relevance to the document. Company names that are common English words may erroneously match with text that is not referring to the company.

Not all agencies submit public comments to Regulations.gov. For a list of participating and non-participating agencies see here. Agencies that do submit to Regulations.gov have varying levels of accuracy and completeness.

Regulations and public comments can be downloaded in bulk here.

updated daily from Regulations.gov by way of Docket Wrench

The tables show occurrences of "Texas A&M University" in public comments on proposed federal regulations.

Federal Spending

3 grants

Federal grants, contracts and loans are reported by federal agencies using the FPDS and FAADS systems. The data is made available to the public at USASpending.gov. Please note that the completeness and quality of the data varies greatly by agency.

Only grants, contracts and loans with amounts over $1 million are shown.

Because company names are not reported in a standardized manner, we cannot reliably determine the company receiving the contract or award. The results shown here are based on a search for the company name. Individual records may be missed or erroneously included because of name variations. For more information, please see our federal spending methodology page.

covers through USASpending.gov's Sept. 15, 2012 release for contracts and Oct. 19, 2012 for grants.

Note: Company names in federal spending data are not standardized. The table below is included only as a sample of what is available in the data and has not been reviewed for accuracy or completeness. To investigate the data further, use the links at the bottom of the table.

Type Recipient Name Year Agency Description Amount
Texas A&M University 2011 Federal Aviation Administration Improve Existing Airport $4,221,800
Texas A&M University 2012 Research And Innovative Technology Administration University Transportation Center $3,500,000
Texas A&M University 2012 National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration 2012-2014 Texas Sea Grant Support $1,811,000
View all grant & loan data for Texas A&M University View all contract data for Texas A&M University Sources: USASpending.gov

Advisory Committees

97 people on 38 committees

Data is based on disclosures required by the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA). Matches are based on the occurrence of the company name in the committee member affiliation. Variations in company names may cause some matches to be missed.

The table shows only the top 10 agencies. To search and download raw records from the complete dataset see the FACA data section.

covers through 2011

Table shows employees of "Texas A&M University" that sat on federal advisory committees.

  • Agency
  • Representation
  • Toggle National Science Foundation 66 people on 15 committees
  • Toggle Department of Health and Human Services 9 people on 6 committees
  • Toggle Department of Energy 6 people on 5 committees
  • Toggle National Endowment for the Humanities 5 people on 1 committee
  • Toggle Department of Commerce 2 people on 3 committees
  • Toggle Environmental Protection Agency 2 people on 2 committees
  • Toggle Department of Defense 2 people on 2 committees
  • Toggle Department of Agriculture 2 people on 1 committee
  • Toggle Department of Veterans Affairs 1 person on 1 committee
  • Toggle Marine Mammal Commission 1 person on 1 committee
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