National Amusements Inc

National Amusements, Inc. is a privately owned theatre company based in Dedham, Massachusetts, USA. The company was founded in 1936 as the Northeast Theatre Corporation by Michael Redstone.

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Campaign Finance

$5,362,530 Given

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federal data covers from 1989 roughly through Q2 2014
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$67,388,000 Spent

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covers roughly through Q2, 2014

Lobbying on Behalf of National Amusements Inc

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Mentioned in 6 dockets

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EPA Violations

17 Enforcement Actions

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covers through EPA's October 19, 2011 release
Case Name Defendant Date Locations Amount
Alliance Chemical Inc Et Al. CBS Corp fka Viacom Inc fka Wesinghouse Electric (+71 others) 2007 Newark, Nj $37,000,000
Little Mississinewa River Unilateral Admin Order (Cercla) Viacom Inc. (+1 others) 2005 Union City, In $29,000,000
Air Products & Chemical, Inc Et Al V Iacom, Inc. (+40 others) 2005 Elkton, Md $24,500,000
3m Company CBS Corporation (f/k/a Viacom, Inc. and Westinghou (+106 others) 2008 Wood Ridge, Nj $18,000,000
Alcan Corporation Viacom Inc. nka CBS Corp (+81 others) 2007 Newark, Nj $13,150,000
City Of Newburgh Et Al. CBS Corporation (+89 others) 2011 Newburgh, Ny $12,764,875
Casmalia - De Minimis Aoc CBS Corporation (+191 others) 2004 Casmalia, Ca $11,900,000
Cooper Drum Superfund Site Uao For Rd/Ra Viacom, Inc. (+42 others) 2009 South Gate, Ca $9,066,848
3m Company Et Al. VIACOM Inc. (+67 others) 2004 Carlstadt, Nj $8,649,902
Westinghouse Electric (Sharon) Superfund Site Viacom Inc (+2 others) 2003 Sharon, Pa $5,500,000
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