Aerojet-General Corp

Parent Organization: GenCorp Inc

Aerojet is a major rocket and missile propulsion manufacturer based primarily in Rancho Cordova, California with divisions in Redmond, WA; Orange, VA; Gainesville, VA; and Camden, AR. Aerojet is owned by GenCorp. They are the only US propulsion company that provides both solid rocket motors and liquid rocket engines. Their products include a wide range of motors, from main engines used on a number of NASA vehicles and ballistic missiles, down to stationkeeping thrusters for spacecraft. The propulsion devices include rocket motors as large as the EELV Atlas V strap-on rocket boosters. Aerojet provides almost all of the Army's tactical missile rocket motors. They develop and manufacture a wide range of air breathing ramjet and scramjet engines. They also do research in the US in the area of electric ion and Hall effect thrusters. Aerojet is one of only three American companies dedicated almost entirely to rocket engines, the others being Rocketdyne (liquid rocket engines) and ATK (solid rocket motors).

Source: Wikipedia

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Type Recipient Name Year Agency Description Amount
Aerojet-General Corporation 2011 BLU/129 B QRC ESTABLISH OF CLINS 0007,0008,0009 $15,571,424
Aerojet-General Corporation 2011 BLU 129/B QRC CLINS 0001-0008 DEFINITIZATION $7,602,636
Aerojet-General Corporation 2012 BLU-129/B CLIN 0009 75% OBLIGATION $6,489,692
Aerojet-General Corporation 2011 EXERCISE OPTION FOR CLIN 0004 $5,544,868
Aerojet-General Corporation 2011 OPTIONS AND NEXT GENERATION ENGINE $3,718,250
Aerojet-General Corporation 2012 GREAT HORNED OWL UAV $3,401,130
Aerojet-General Corporation 2011 AEROJET FLEXSEAL FY11 $3,180,910
Aerojet-General Corporation 2012 CLIN 0001 $1,753,000
Aerojet-General Corporation 2012 CLIN 0001 $1,566,000
Aerojet-General Corporation 2011 OPTION CLINS 0005&0006 EXERCISE $1,548,509
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